Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearts Desire Makeover

Want something a bit flirty for this Valentine's day without having to change your skin?

Hearts desire is a shimmery silvery, pinky lilac light eyeshadow with a heart shaped lip in sensual red and lovely soft pink lip gel. There is a nightime version with very pronounced lips and a daytime lip with just a kiss of color.

Buy it for yourself or as a gift, or keep one and pass along the other. It is transfer so have at it :)


Come on down, this edition is limited and won't be here long!

Oh! And for my impatient friends, I have set out the entire kit contents for the gatchas in fatpacks behind the reception desk. Also included are unreleased versions.

Lipstains- 25 for $500L
Lip Cremes 10 for $250L
Lip Gels- 30 for $600

Heart's Desire Daytime on Doe 2 (Curio/GP) 

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