Saturday, December 31, 2011

La Venta Eventa Exclusive- Rouge Indifference

Via Flickr:
7 makeovers, with smokey glimmering eyes and a special edition lip. This is more opaque than my other lip colors and it was a request. Available in my mainstore all this weekend.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Via Flickr:
The Red Hot Lipstain paired with a beautiful warm grey light pigment on the eyeshadow. Simply breathtaking!


Harare-Makeover-Vendor by Mocksoup
Harare-Makeover-Vendor, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Glimmering gold and lucious melon lips accentuate your features in this luxurious and delicious makeover.

Lae's Feather Copper Goddess Makeover [eyes/lips/liner]

Via Flickr:
Dramatic Eyeliner, and exotic eye shading with coppery eyes and lips....

Pandora's Gingersnap and Champange Makeover [eyes/lips]

Via Flickr:
Pandora lashes with luscious champange lips and gingersnapped eyes.

Cleo's Siren Fog and Bella Vetro Flirt Makeover [eyes/lips/liner]

Via Flickr:
Bold Eyeliner with deep soft siren red and soft pink glassy lips

Triumphant Makeover [eyes/lips/blush]

Via Flickr:
A golden eyeshadow paired with a light flush of plum and a beautiful pink lip gloss.


Via Flickr:


Via Flickr:


Via Flickr:

Profile Pick Reward

Profile Pick Reward by Mocksoup
Profile Pick Reward, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I wanted to come up with a thank you for clients and friends who put my shop in their profile, so I made this makeup for anyone who has it in their profile. Thanks for supporting me! :)


Via Flickr:


AstrocoolMakeovervendor by Mocksoup
AstrocoolMakeovervendor, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Pandora's-Mizu-Thunderbird by Mocksoup
Pandora's-Mizu-Thunderbird, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Pandora Lashes are combined with the warm coral brown of the Thunderbird Mizu lipgloss. Simple yet elegant.

Pandora's warm brown lusty mizu Makeover @ [mock]

Via Flickr:
Pandora's Warm Brown Lusty Mizu is a rich brown high pigment eyeshadow with the soft pinkness of the Lusty Mizu lip gloss matched with the Pandora lashes in Onyx

Darkened Mood Garnet @ [mock] cosmetics

Via Flickr:

A seductive makeover with velvety rich lip color and decadent eye shadow with smudged kohl liner.

Basically Olive and Chelsea Makeover

Basically-Olive-and-Chelsea by Mocksoup
Basically-Olive-and-Chelsea, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

A basic olive pigment eyeshadow paired with the chelsea lip gel.

Simply stunning on all skin tones

Via Flickr:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bella Vetro LipGloss Vendor

Bella Vetro LipGloss Vendor by Mocksoup
Bella Vetro LipGloss Vendor, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Bella Vetro is a magnificently pigmented lip gloss. Rich colors and high shine make this lipstick a showstopper.

Mouthy Mock Lip Effect

Mouthy Mock Lip Effect by Mocksoup
Mouthy Mock Lip Effect, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Decidedly different tattoo layer tooth effect.

Micare Lipcolor

MicareVendor by Mocksoup
MicareVendor, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Glittery colors. Micare is a great club or runway lipstick. It's very reflective and the shine is extreme

Tropica makeover @ [mock] cosmetics

Wine kissed lips and vibrant green eyes are sure to turn heads!

Camouflaging phedre

camouflaging phedre by Mocksoup
camouflaging phedre, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

New release, in the store! All four colors for 40L

Glaseda @ Mock Cosmetics

Glaseda @ Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup
Glaseda @ Mock Cosmetics, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Glaseda is in the same vein as the other releases I previously put out. A highly pigmented vert with vivid coppery lips. Luscious and glittery.

Acceptable in the 80's

Acceptable in the 80's by Mocksoup
Acceptable in the 80's, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Inspired by Calvin Harris's- Acceptable in the 80's... this neon green and purple with flushed cheeks is fresh faced and completely fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011


nightlife by Mocksoup
nightlife, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

BeeBee Boots from Slink in GunMetal
Star Pasties: Cogito Sands
Black Panties from Nicole Twigvald
Dress TenFiften Gunmetal
Eyes : Glossy Grey/Green EYES BY CANDACE HUDSON
Hair: *Alice Project* Amiya [Alpha v1] - Naturals
Lashes *FTL* Lashes Natural C01 *copied and worn twice for super duper lash fun*
Shape- mine
Makeup: Micare Lip and Nails in Santa Fe Gold
Skin: MensJe Special Edition in Milk
(And Red eyebrows)
Necklace bracelets and earrings- Mechanica from Shiny Things

Poses by Marukin and Poised

Monday, September 12, 2011

[mock] Noir Collection

[mock] Noir Collection by Mocksoup
[mock] Noir Collection, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Seductive, Alluring, Irresistable.

These are all things that come to mind when I think of Noir. The mystique of the dark...

And to start the collection off, I have 3 new lip creme shades (in both lip sizes) and 3 new nail polish formulations. There is a hint of glimmer barely breaking through the surface of these rich colors.

Nuit- A Midnight Blue.. Deep as the night
Sang- A Deep Blue Toned Red- Dark and Rich like the blood pulsing in your veins..
And Rouille- A rust red, complex, rich and deep like the passing of a lifetime passionately lived.

The Fatpack includes combination layers of nail polish and lip creme together.

Also, I should probably not do writeups after finishing up the True Blood Season Finale. I need to go take a cold shower after this. Oh, yeah.. the taxi...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gilded Plumage- Limited Edition L'eau Makeover

A special edition rare l'eau style makeover (lip size 1 only)
Only available until October 1st!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fog Series- Colors

Cyan Fog Metallic Bronze Fog Kokoda Fog
 I haven't gotten the individual packs out yet, but I am having a massive sale on this fatpack. 27 colors for $180L!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Twilight Galaxy

Twilight Galaxy by Mocksoup
Twilight Galaxy, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Did they tell you, you should grow up
When you wanted to dream
Did they warn you, better shape up
If you want to succeed
I don't know about you, who are they talking to?
They aren't talking to me

I'm higher than high, lower than deep
I'm doing it wrong, singing along

Did I ask you for attention
When affection is what I need
Thinking sorrow is perfection
I'd wallow 'til you told me
There's no glitter in the gutter
There's no twilight galaxy

Go higher than high, ooo
Lower than deep, ooo
Keep doing it wrong, ooo
Singing along, ooo

I'm higher than high, ooo
Lower than deep, ooo
Doing it wrong, ooo
and singing along, ooo

I'm alright, c'mon baby
I've seen all the demons that you've got.
If you're not alright, now c'mon baby
I'll pick you up and take you where you want
Anywhere you want
Anywhere you want
Anywhere you want
Anything you want

I'm higher than high, ooo
Lower than deep, ooo
Doing it wrong, ooo
And singing along, ooo

Higher than high, ooo
Lower than deep, ooo
Doing it wrong, ooo
Singing along, ooo


Skin: Kianna 4 Cleavage
Shape: Mouthy Melanie to Mocksoup realistic shape (not for sale)
Hair: Maitreya Jordyn - Copper
Glasses: **DP**yumyum/=RL= Glasses - Fadeout (Simple)
Wedges: [PM] Pixel Mode: Fae [A] Khaki
Slacks: - Rolled.Cargos (Khaki)
Bodysuit: Maitreya Bodysuit de la Ruche - Golden
Jacket: Maitreya Camden Jacket - Sepia
eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: :Tsuya eye(grayishRblue)
Makeup:[mock] IconEyeshadow {Twilight} Flip it. Reverse it

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang by Mocksoup
Bang Bang Bang, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.

Un, deux, trios (turn it up a little bit more)
Bang, bang, bang

Feathers, I'm plucking feathers
One by one, by one
No more skylarking, around my head
Your information
But there's no hiding, behind moulting feathers

On the plane, on my brain, 'bout to do the sho'
40k contract, take it out the do'
Dice, symbolise my life, roll 'em on the flo'
From your grubby hands, as you hand the grand stand
You live a shitty life, we live a bon, bon vie
Hotter than the book, while we watch the tv
Think you got us fooled, ooh never again
First time, shame on me, second time, your time will end

No way, bang you're dead dead, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete
Bang you're dead dead, alouette, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete

No way, no, (the clock) it's ticking forward
No way, (it's just) a cruel, cruel world

Cruel world is fittin', they got us all hittin'
With late night divisions, and lab app decisions
But based with decisions, to fight a fricasse
And you've clearly decided, on how to handle me
Difficile, immbocile, is it fake, is it real
Are we dying on our feet, are we trying in our sleep
There's a rumour goin' 'round, 'bout the suits runnin' town
If you look into the sky, them birds fly high, high, high

Numbers, you got that number
You're larking outwards, and don't see the big picture
Over your shoulder, you'll get no last words
Because it's too late, you've clipped your own wings (your own wings)

No way, bang you're dead dead, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete
Bang you're dead dead, alouette, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete

We're never gonna, believe in, the stories, that you're weavin'
We're never gonna, believe in, the stories, that you're weavin'
We're never gonna, believe in, the stories, that you're weavin'
We're believin' in the proof, we're believin' in the truth
We're believin' in each other, not you, you, you

Stories (you with the tall tales), how many stories (so many tall tales)
We climb the structure (you scale the ladder)
You build it higher (you make us madder)
We take our aim (so now we're bearin' off)
You perch above your nest ( gotcha in your charms)
The stories in your head (it's a crazy bald head)
That's what got you dead

No way, bang you're dead dead, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete
Bang you're dead dead, alouette, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete

Un, deux, trois
No one ever does it like that anymore
Bang, bang, bang
When feathers fly, you deny everything (alouette)
Un, deux, trois
No one ever does it like that anymore
Bang, bang, bang (alouette)
When feathers fly, you deny everything yo

Hair: !lamb. Heart - Honeycomb Roots mock colored to orangejello
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Black (S)
Cleavage: [ AYUMI ] Cleavage - Type3 - Curio - Petal 1
Shape: Kia Mynerva Mocksoup Perfect March (new) (not for sale)
Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] May-Pure 1
Bracelets: ::MOOD:: NZ Paua Coral Bracelet
Socks: fri. - Stirrup.Socks (Brown)
[mock] Icon Makeover [Mock lip] [liner lip eyes]
Outfit: Cali Tank, Top and Cord combo from Miel (sold seperately)
Shades: Pilot Peepers from Miel

Saturday, April 30, 2011

ICON makeover- Mock Cosmetics

Preview. Coming to the Shape and Skin Expo- May 10th...

Skin: Kiko from Mynerva
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Fashism
Outfit: MiaMai

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back To Basics Eyeshadow Vendor [mock cosmetics]

The Back to Basics eyeshadow series is a heavily pigmented basic shadow. It's great for layering under an eyeliner or on it's own. For the next 24 hours the series is 1/2 off. Individual shadows for 20L each or the 16 pack for 150L!

8 cool colors and 8 warm colors.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Susamajii means Fierce- Please read: Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

This makeup is inspired by the Kabuki Makeup in the Edo style of Japan.  To me, it is fierce and represents tenacity, hanging on to Japanese tradition.  I used red as a predominate color to symbolize the color of disk on the Japanese flag.  I have also included an eyeshadow only version to keep for yourself or share with a friend.

The Edo region is now the Tokyo and surrounding areas, including the north which were hit hard by the earthquake,subsequent aftershocks, tsunami waves and are now at great risk of radiation because of nuclear power plants being unable to withstand these natural disasters.

There really isn't anything more I can say, other than my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan, their families and friends. 

And my dear friends eku and yure, I adore you and continue to pray for your continued safety and good journey to wherever you go.

100% of the proceeds to AmeriCares.
Please check out the other vendors and help out however you can,  and if you can't face the lag, I also have my vendor in my shop along with a donation jar. Thank you.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Eyeshadow Release, Mock Picks and Makeovers

After much whining about making vendors, I finally got them done ;)
And soooo this means... shadows are out!

10  High Pigment, Photorealistic Eyeshadows:

Bright Meadow - Bright and totally reminds me of a meadow, your interpretation may vary)

Cherry Bomb-(Rock!)

Mach 5 (It's the same color as my best dude friend's mustang from HS)

Dark Meadow-  Same at the bright, but after dark.

And Taste the Rainbow (cause you guys should know by now I have a thing for rainbows and I like to use any excuse I can to make more)

Olive Branch


Totally Hot Pink

Teal Me Twice

Bright Peenk

I even got some winged eyeliner done!

A tip, if you are on Firestorm or V2, you should be able to wear the eyeliners over your eyeshadows, just remember it's layered. So 'add' (not wear) the liner last.

Makeover Addition:

This was a request from my group member Nicci. She wanted a strawberry Jam lip creme with a silver eyeshadow. It looks AMAZING on.

Also, the Group Group is 100L to join. And I will be making exclusive makeups JUST for the group. (and I promise to make it at least 100L per month, k?)

copy and paste this in world

Oh, and don't forget to check group notices! Last night I gave out Tealing me softly, a smokey teal eyeshadow with a greyish cast to it and there are at least 6 other makeups in the history.

And I made up a couple of Mock Picks:

Mock Picks are my FAVORITE eyeshadows, blushes and Lip colors at this moment. Usually reserved for myself, I have decided to share them for limited amounts of time. Right now my picks are

Gilded Plumeria with Nude Lipgloss (this is rare, you can't find it in the shop or in notice) and Cinnabar blush.

and Walking on a Dream with Nude Lipgloss and Cinnabar Blush.

These are both fantastic on red heads and warm brunettes, but I am sure can be pulled off by anyone with a penchant for earth tones.

OH! And before I forget! Put your pictures in the Flickr group! Eventually I will think of that contest I promised you all.

Your taxi to the shop