Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back To Basics Eyeshadow Vendor [mock cosmetics]



The Back to Basics eyeshadow series is a heavily pigmented basic shadow. It's great for layering under an eyeliner or on it's own. For the next 24 hours the series is 1/2 off. Individual shadows for 20L each or the 16 pack for 150L!

8 cool colors and 8 warm colors.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Susamajii means Fierce- Please read: Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

This makeup is inspired by the Kabuki Makeup in the Edo style of Japan.  To me, it is fierce and represents tenacity, hanging on to Japanese tradition.  I used red as a predominate color to symbolize the color of disk on the Japanese flag.  I have also included an eyeshadow only version to keep for yourself or share with a friend.

The Edo region is now the Tokyo and surrounding areas, including the north which were hit hard by the earthquake,subsequent aftershocks, tsunami waves and are now at great risk of radiation because of nuclear power plants being unable to withstand these natural disasters.

There really isn't anything more I can say, other than my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan, their families and friends. 

And my dear friends eku and yure, I adore you and continue to pray for your continued safety and good journey to wherever you go.

100% of the proceeds to AmeriCares. http://www.americares.org/
Please check out the other vendors and help out however you can,  and if you can't face the lag, I also have my vendor in my shop along with a donation jar. Thank you.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser