Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[mock] Glitter pop eShadow in Ohmaidamn

Via Flickr:
Some fun new releases and a fun event!
But, you need to know about this makeup...
This Bright Metallic Yellow and Blue pop all over your face in this bright eyeshadow. And to get it, you go to
This festival is SO MUCH FUN. I have nearly won the strong man contest (Um, related: is there a licensed massage therapist in the house?), I've had cotton candy and TOTALLY missed everyone when it decided that the ferris wheel won that round.... and came back. AND I got my fortune told by Zoltan! It's said "YOUR VENTURE WILL BE A SUCCESS" Go me!
Come visit, it's so much fun! And there will be more than just my eyeshadows in the tent o' awesome as the weeks progress. So hop on down to the beach now, and come dressed for it. Don't forget the Dramamine, but hurry because it's only until May 25th!

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