Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolution Makeover For the Millenium Hunt- FTLO

Via Flickr:
First off! It's A HUNT!! The Millennium Hunt... Hold on, lemme get the information...
It's a scavenger hunt! And if you already snagged it, I forgot to put the landmark in there for the next spot, so ping me for it, or come get it again, I will refund you the 1L.

1. There will be NO hunt object.
2. The hunt item will be hidden within 30 meters of the TP location.
3. The sale item that the hunt object is hidden inside will be marked for 1L ONLY.
4. All other 1L items in the store will be marked as 0L or 2L 5. My hint is "Drats, Foiled AGAIN!"

Come to my place, and touch the board to get the starting location!

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