About M.O.C.K Cosmetics

Shimmery, Shiny, Gossamer, Bright.
Love your current skin? So do we!

M.O.C.K cosmetics are designed to enhance your current look, without sacrificing who YOU are.
The layers have some amount of transparency so your 'natural' skin base structure will show through, much like real life makeup.

Mix and match with your favorite lip color, lashes, beauty marks, freckles, tattoos. Change it up or tone it down. The choice is yours!
Designed by a 1st life freelance makeup artist and designer- These makeups are guarenteed to get you noticed.

These are NOT opaque mask-like tattoo layers. Theses are designed to enhance your skin, not hide it. They go with any skin tone, and can be combined with existing skin based makeups to create a unique look just for you! There are no unsightly mismatches because of skin tone changes. No weird discolorations just because you decide to switch skins. The makeup is designed to go with any skin tone, from Alabaster to Midnight and all shades, hues and colors in-between!

 The inworld group is very active, and I DO take custom makeup requests and suggestions. Also, if you find you like a makeup and want to give it as a gift, ALL makeup is Transfer only. (of course if you would like different permissions, I would be happy to accomodate)

Full Sized Samples are available at the mainstore, Kozmetika and Marketplace. NOT DEMOS. They say a picture says a thousand words, and this makeup will speak volumes.

Can't decide on a makeup you want to try? I am available for consultation and customs!